Northdocks is an innovative and ambitious visualization studio creating immersive visuals for commercials, fulldome films and science.
Established 2009 and based in Kiel (Northern Germany) Northdocks multi-disciplinary team develops novel concepts and offers a broad range of unique styles and techniques. Focusing on the content Northdocks aims to tell great stories and therefore is always looking for new ways of combining latest 3D technique with cutting edge visual styles in the spirit of times.

Awards & Promotions

Funding for an Innovation Assistant

The program „Innovationsassistent IA“ enables Northdocks to evaluate new technologies in the areas of „Digital Content Creation“ (DCC) and „Procedural Content Generation“ (PCG) in order to develop new production processes for the creation of complex, immersive content. The goal is to massively accelerate the production process, reduce the amount of manual, repetitive labor and increase the overall quality for the client. This project is a critical step for Northdocks in order to be prepared for the increasing complexity of virtual reality content production.

What we do

Apps, Graphics & Animations


Houdini, 3ds Max, Unreal, Unity, Nuke


Windows PC, iOS & Android