Complex Simulations

Converting scientific correct models from complex datasets

Professional Data Visualization

For most data visualization, the graphs and charts of your spreadsheet software will suffice. But we are not talking revenue numbers here.
For almost a decade Northdocks has advised companies on methods of data collection and has helped them to interpret it easily. We help to make your data accessible – the more, the better.

We put our focus especially on two fields:
industrial data and scientific data

Industrial Data

Our primary goal is to communicate abstract information clearly and efficiently by visualizing it. Depending on the needs of our client we turn their data not only into statistical graphics, plots and easy-to-understand information graphics, but fluent animations and interactive three-dimensional models. Our work makes complex data accessible, understandable and usable.

Scientific Data

Scientific Data often times consists out of huge sets of number, that are hard if not impossible to make sense of, just by looking at the data itself. If result of a fluid animation, wheather calculations or astronimical measurements. We construct a precise and visual accessible model.