„Our goal is a world in which everyone is able to cover their energy needs with decentralised and clean energy source. Everyone can connect with each other to share energy where and when it’s needed. This will emancipate our world from the dependence on fossil fuels and anonymous energy corporations.“

Christoph Ostermann, CEO sonnen GmbH, https://sonnen-batterie.com/en/vision




Backup / Offgrid

Peak Shaving

Time of Use

Film Stills


Production Impressions


Client: sonnen GmbH
Producer: Philipp Schröder, Sarah Stanojevic
Creative Director: Leonid Fishman

Production Company / Animation Studio: Northdocks GmbH
Project Management: Michel Magens, Patrick D. Reschke, Joachim Perschbacher
Creative Director: Michel Magens
Illustrations: Micha Twardy, Michel Magens
2D Animation: Micha Twardy, Bob Weber, Jörg Brüggemann, Michel Magens, Joachim Perschbacher
Text development: Joachim Kläschen
Voice: Mark Rossmann
Sound Recording: Primetime Studio

more about sonnenBatterie: https://sonnen-batterie.com/en/sonnenbatterie

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