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We use the latest technology and creative talents to send your audiences even further down the rabbit hole.

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Northdocks is a German studio with more than ten years experience with 360° immersive and interactive media. We provide professional full-service 360° video and VR services as carefree, one-stop solutions and cover all your VR and 360° video needs from planning to production and deployment and are determined to lead the way to successful 360° media marketing.
We specialise in immersive experiences for VR, domes and 3D by offering hardware and software solutions as complete immersive media packages for brands and businesses from education to marketing. We provide our clients with vendor-neutral consultancy in order to create immersive story-driven experiences that will blow audiences’ minds. Our custom-made applications and concepts fit our clients needs and budget.
Our creative consultancy services are fuelled by our extensive technical expertise. Our digital artists breathe life into polygons and pixels. They blend excellent graphics with perfect timing and attention to detail in order to create an experience that will strike audiences as vivid and beautiful.
Our creativity and technical pipeline enable us to deliver the most impressive visual effects, even on the largest blockbuster scale.
We have the tools and the experience to take your ideas into the bright and vivid future of VR.


We offer modular as well as complete package solutions for all your VR, 3D and 360° needs.

Custom concepts, e.g. for

interactive tours
e-commerce embedded in a virtual store
geo- and location-expeditions

VR production: video & photo

by land, sea or air
specialised camera equipment
3D stereoscopic sound

Digital VR-Production:

360° motion graphics
3D rendering & visual FX
interactive applications


video platforms
social media
full-dome films



VR enables audiences to experience media in unprecedented ways.

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For centuries, artists, graphic designers and photographers have been driven by the desire to realistically recreate the world to thrill audiences with their life-like creations. We are now at a point where high resolution stereoscopic 3D imagery, higher refresh rates and photorealistic rendering are the tools we use to achieve this in unprecedented ways.
VR allows audiences to break free from a single viewing angle and dive into a fully immersive and true-to-life environment. It becomes possible to transform virtual places into real-life experiences.
Imagine taking a tour through a building before it is even built. By walking through a virtual representation, you experience its dimensions. Interactions intensify this immersive effect: with a gesture, walls are painted in any colour imaginable, furniture appears out of thin air and is rearranged with the flick of the wrist. Unlike any other technology, VR connects the user to a product that does not exist in real life.
The new technology enables viewers to enjoy an even richer, more enhanced experience, because it takes broadcasting to the next level as well! Events and performances can be delivered to any user with a VR kit anywhere in real time, but also in 360° and with multiple viewing angles throughout the venue. This intense experience is as close as it gets to actually being there. VR technology can enrich the experience by providing additional information and options to interact with other audience members online. Spectators become directors of their own shows, with limitless potential at their fingertips.



There is no time like the present to enter this rapidly expanding market.

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Audiences hungry for VR content are rapidly growing, fuelling the demand for high-quality immersive media, especially within the age group of 16 to 34 years. Innovative concepts will lead the way to integrating VR and augmented reality into all areas of our lives. VR-enhanced broadcasting especially is on its way into the mainstream, providing added value for the viewer which no other technology can offer.
Large media and tech companies such as Disney, Fox, Sony, Facebook or Google have already invested heavily in VR, enabling their customers and users to experience this exciting new medium: from the rather inexpensive Google Cardboard VR goggles that can be used with almost any recent smartphone to Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE or Playstation VR targeting hardcore gamers as well as early adopters.
Computer and video games are helping to significantly grow the number of VR-users. Players can themselves actively move in fantastic worlds instead of simply watching their characters move. VR immersion is more intense especially in racing- and roleplaying-games. In addition, VR technology opens up new concepts of interaction and gameplay that will fuel the popularity of VR in the years to come. Microsoft and Sony have heavily invested in VR headsets for their current generation consoles, and manufacturers of game engines are expanding their systems in order to enable the development of VR-compatible applications.



Our specialists offer the full range of content creation for VR, 3D and 360° media.

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We deliver high-end VR content in broadcast quality, ranging from 360° videos to full-blown interactive and customisable applications. We offer our customers the best opportunities to turn their ideas and visions into a reality in the virtual world. In close cooperation with our customers, we determine the right equipment to present the scene, setting and stories from unconventional and thus memorable angles. With our broad experience we can boost any given project to achieve the greatest possible impact on audiences. It is of the utmost importance that our media and applications fulfil our clients needs.
We offer you the know-how and the technical pre-requisites to tell your stories in a spectacular and hitherto unseen manner: At Northdocks, we 3D-scan places and objects with agile drones equipped with ultra-light cameras, high-end cinematic RED cameras, fisheye lenses and multicamera 360° solutions to reproduce them as realistically as possible in the virtual domain. For the greatest possible realism, we rely on high-resolution, stereoscopic camera rigs mounted on cranes.
In addition to that we operate green-screen sound stage and motion-controlled camera rigs.
We also create fantasy worlds through high-resolution 3D modelling and animation. We craft impressive in-your-face, explosive visual effects and stunning imagery that will leave audiences wondering how it was done. Our proprietary development tools allow VR pre-visualisation to ensure that all aspects of the immersive experience are considered and tested in a timely manner.
Tactile large-scale physical interactives, innovative augmented-reality apps and VR real-time, multiuser experiences turn spectators into participants. Combining these techniques, we ultimately deliver the best content imaginable.



VR and 360° media can be enjoyed in numerous way and delivered to the audience on various channels.

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A VR headset is a pre-requisite to enter immersive 360° realities but headsets from different manufacturers differ in many details. Here, our experience comes into play since only when content and sensor technology work in unison does the VR illusion become credible. Our knowledge of different VR headsets is taken into account during content production, enabling us to ensure that photos, videos and interactive media are delivered to any viewer, no matter which VR setup is available to them.
Since many current smartphones can be easily and cost-effectively modified to VR headsets, VR content delivery becomes key. Our team of web, SEO and social media developers is linked to all major VR distribution channels to simultaneously and effectively spread your VR content on the web.
The full-dome technique allows even large groups to experience 360° content. Several projectors display a seamless 360° image onto the inside of a dome. The projected image takes up the entire field of vision and enhances the immersive effect for the viewers making a headset redundant. In addition to stationary set-ups, portable domes can be used e.g. at trade fairs. VR media is that content produced for VR headsets can also be projected inside a dome, making VR productions extremely cost-effective solutions.

Your needs

Our services include script writing, and the casting and directing of the very best live-action and voice-over talent. We have developed a modular solution to satisfy the needs of our clients. By approaching and developing a project in a modular manner, we create exactly what a customer needs, when he needs it, taking his or her ideas to the next level.

Stage 1 „static“

Informative screens and additional content are embedded in the pre-directed video stream.

Stage 2 „dynamic“

Additional information can be displayed on demand and presented at custom positions.

Stage 3 „interactive“

The delivered virtual experience can be enriched by user-defined overlays along with content sharing and communication creating a social experience. A true 3D environment allows users to explore the virtual surroundings or to enjoy the event together with friends thus creating a life-like group experience.